Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Today was very remarkable for several reasons. I felt as though today I continued too develop relationships with not only the Haitian people, but my team as well.

Early in the day we visited the adult home for the sick and dying. I was very intimidated by this because I truly did not know what to expect. Patrick and I sat there facing two rooms full of sick Haitians, with what we thought was a daunting task. Thankfully the men their were very kind, and gave me directions. A lot of these men had terribly dry skin, and the relief of just basic lotion provided them was incredible.

I really started to feel resonance when I was applying lotion to kids around my own age. A 25 year old by the name DJ spoke english and french just like me. We were able to combine both languages and had great conversation. He told me about his past, a dark one, riddled with tobacco addiction, gang violence and drug sales. He said all of these things were the reason he ended up being so sick, but he was thankful. I began to ask him why he was thankful and he said he would not have found the way, if not for this. He has become a practicing christian and has used to provided meaning to his life, when previously he thought there was none. He told me about his dreams to come to America, and how he planned on doing it. It started with getting a job and having enough money to to buy a passport and ticket. I found this to be very special that he had given so much though to this, it provided him hope with something to look forward too, just as his faith did. I was so happy to converse with him, it was a really special moment today.

The tap tap is always a very bumpy of course. Today I feel as though our team really developed a lot of chemistry today, as if we became a family. We are all a bunch of goofs and I absolutely love it. We have created an environment in which everyone appears to feel comfortable which is very important.  I believe our impact will be even greater than it is because of this. I have connected with everyone on this team and each one of them has made me feel as though I belong. Thank you to them :)

We wrapped up the night just relaxing at home. A few us sat on the tap tap and sang songs to those walking by outside the gates. It had a bonfire atmosphere without the fire, but this was just the start of our night. Jean gave us salsa lessons! I didn't think I had it in me, but it turns out that I can shread the dance floor!

I just want to thank my team for being there for me and creating such a special environment. It has been a lot of fun. I cannot wait to wake up every morning.

-John Dugas

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