Friday, May 16, 2014

Feelings like never before...

Today we experienced something that our eyes and hearts will never forget. As we walked into general hospital unsure what to expect, we were nearly frozen at the sight of devastation. This area in the hospital was one room filled with thin mattresses on the cement floor, with people in pain and in need of desperate help. we can't even begin to describe the pain that we saw on their faces. From bed sores to the bone, to gun shot wounds, to a paralyzed pregnant woman, we didn't know where to begin our tender care. As we started to rub their arms and legs with lotion, you could immediately feel their bodies begin to relax and feel comforted. Many of the people we cared for had extremely high temperatures, their skin was radiating heat onto ours, and you could see the dehydration on their bodies. We laid our hands on them one by one and began to pray and sing for healing. Amongst all of the pain and suffering their faces were still glowing as if nothing was affecting them. Our faces on the other hand, showed the complete opposite, with tears falling from our faces we continued to show them our tender love and care. The feelings that came over all of us was something none of us have ever felt before. As we started to walk out of the room the tears continued to fall down our faces, and the emotions that we were feeling completely took over our bodies. The pain that we had felt, stuck with us throughout the rest of the day and into the night, and will never leave us.

Today at general hospital we learned to put all of our trust in God, to be his hands and feet, and to spread his love throughout the people suffering. Many of us were out of our comfort zone, but God took complete control over us and the fear was quickly forgotten. We were able to be his servants like we have been called to haiti to be. Today we have all gotten to experience something that not many people are able to.


Katie, Terra.

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