Sunday, May 18, 2014

It's the little things......

Today was a good day. No. Today was a great day! Today we had the privilege of bringing 20 elders  from the Eldercare program to the beach.  For most of them, it was their very first time to the beach EVER! (The oldest was 104!)
As we pulled up to Grace Village to pick them up they were all sitting in a line waiting patiently for us. This was an exciting day for them so they had bathed, powdered and put on their best clothes all for this trip to the beach. 

A 40 minute bus ride later, we pulled up to the crowded beach (picture spring break) and loaded them off of the bus. Some of them thought we were only there so that they could bathe, so they started to take off their swimsuits! They were giggling like school children, pointing at each other and joking. These people have great senses of humor and it’s a good thing because let me tell you, we were quite the spectacle and a crowd gathered to watch us and take pictures. We slowly walked all of them down to the water and as soon as they felt it you could see the pure joy fill their faces. I have never seen anything like it. They were like children again. Splashing each others faces, pulling each other into the water and laughing uncontrollably. They kept saying, Mesi Jezi, Mesi Jezi.....thank you Jesus. Some of them were bottling up the water and when we asked what they were doing in fear they may try to drink it, they simply just wanted to bring some of the ocean water home with them (something my children would want to do). We cradled them like babies and brought them into deeper waters. I wondered what that would feel like but I could quickly see it on their faces. Pure joy, thankfulness, happiness, many things here, there are no words to explain. What a blessing to be a part of this day. A day they will never forget and most undoubtedly a day that we will never forget.

Sometimes it’s just the little things. 

Today was a great day. Mesi Jezi.

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