Monday, May 12, 2014

Fill this vessel...

What sparked my second blog of the night was my venture over to the balcony. I felt at some point I would be broken down a bit but never did I think it would come this soon. I met a 16 year old boy by the name of Dickinson, Lauren, a team leader for Healing Haiti told me a bit about him. Watching this kids smile and listening to his voice had a huge impact on me. His kindness and innocence was evident, he seemed so happy, so curious and full of life. Immediately the thoughts of bringing him home, or doing other things for him overwhelmed me. I had to reach out to several people on what I must do to combat this, my heart breaks for these kids because I picture myself at age 16 and then I see them. I thought of this piece of advice I received, "You cannot fix anything, even though it is your nature to fix things. You must express your love for them, that is all you can do at this point in time" I am really struggling with handling these emotions for I have so much, and these people so little. I don't want to say I feel guilty but I am becoming more and more thankful as the minutes go by. If some of these kids had half of what I have, who knows what they could accomplish, the sky is the limit.
My mind had raced off on tangent tonight thinking of all the things I can do this week and in future weeks to help out. I need to use my blessings, my education, all of my gifts to help these people. Tomorrow my goal is to stay within myself, and express my love for these people. I need to allow my heart to break in order to grow as a person.

This is another random collection of thoughts that probably seem so unorganized, but then again who cares. I don't expect myself, or my team members to be able to verbalize their emotions this week.

I just wish there was so much I could do for these kids.

-John Dugas

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  1. Praying that you will be broken and refilled by this experience and knowing that this will change you in ways we cannot yet see.
    I love you both.