Monday, May 12, 2014

First Night in Haiti

Good evening to all who we left behind in the States!  It is hard to explain what a different world it is down here.  The people are lively, and for the most part very friendly.  Our fearless female leaders took a stand today against the tricks of the porters who while scourging for more money, Amy and Sharon did not fall for it.  Those fellows followed and yelled at our tap-tap out of the airport drive.

There is Wifi here, but techno geek me cannot figure out how to use it without running up a $1000 phone bill in 1 minute (Hi my lovely Gary!!!)  I miss you already.  Remember Lisa, no fear!!  "It's all going to be okay"  Give Sarah and Gabbi a hug and kiss for me.  Call Dorothy, tell her we made it great.

"Welcome to Haiti!!!" as the generator flashes off!!  And here I thought we brought head flashlights to take a walk in the woods in a State park!!!  Way too funny.

Love you.  You are going with me tomorrow to the home for sick and dying babies, visiting elders and Grace Village.

Lisa OBrien

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